Home Signal

Ever since I (Uday Schultz, or @a320lga) stumbled into the reeds of ‘Transit Twitter,’ I have been planning a blog. Amazed by the content on Alon Levy’s Pedestrian Observations, Sandy Johnston’s Itinerant Urbanist, Michael Noda’s Sic Transit Philadelphia and Clem Tillier’s Caltrain HSR Compatibility Blog (to name just a few) and so frequently frustrated by Twitter’s character limits, it seemed but a natural progression. So, finally, after 18 months of procrastination, I am…getting a blog!

Much like my Twitter account, the focus here will be on transportation, urbanism and industrial history. More so than on my Twitter, I plan to make an active effort to write on a mix of detail-heavy operations/operations planning subjects, and more high level planning, history and background subjects. Given the geography of my knowledge, posts will likely tie back to issues in the Northeast or Industrial Midwest, but I hope to bring in material from the world beyond.

I should note that this blog will be as much a space for experimentation as for exposition: this is a new format for me, and I generally count many of my ideas as works in progress. I will hopefully have a ‘real’ post ready sometime later this week — see you all then!